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Update - Our First Ever Video!!!

Pheromone Too

Pheromone Too

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Introducing Beary, Cutey and Doctor TakTak Shoonik
We had so much fun making this video in the Emergency Room .... Beary really needed some treatment to wake him up.  We think doctor TakTak nailed it with the prescription!!!

Introducing our first song - Pheromone Too


Click on the image to listen on Soundcloud

IMG-0427 (1).jpg

Coming soon

Our first music video starring Cutey and Beary!

About Us


Musicismost was founded in the summer of 2020 by a bunch of guys who have never been in a band before! They thought "Why not - lets give it a try!". Currently all of them are working in other areas just to pay the bills .... but who knows, this might work out!  The guys have a whole album ready but are going to release one song every few months just to see how things go ...... Then hopefully drop the album in Autumn.

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